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Quick Start to Drive OKR Focused Results

Targeted support so you can implement or re-boot your OKR program to quickly translate your business plan into an execution strategy.



What Can You Achieve

The OKR Quick-Start program is designed to help companies implement or restart the implementation of OKRs at the company level by working to translate a company’s business plans into clear priorities and high quality goals using OKRs.  The focus of the program is to work with the executive team and next level leadership on annual and Q1 OKRs through a complete quarterly cycle.

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Translate Business Planning Into Clear Company Priorities and Goals


Establish OKR Guiding Principles

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Lead the Operational Change Required to Achieve the Benefits of OKRs

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Trained Internal OKR Champions Support the First Quarterly OKR Implementation

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Quality Annual and Quarterly Goals and Metrics are in Place

(KPIs, OKRs & Financial)

Monthly OKR Review Meetings, Scoring, and a Quarterly Retrospective are Completed

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OKR Templates, Resources, and Job Aids

As part of your 120-day Quick Start Program you receive:

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Senior Leader Survey
xs - OKR Tool.png
How to Develop Guiding Principles and Make Key Implementation Decisions
xs - OKR Job Aid.png
Support Sheet: Guidance for Senior Leaders on Leading Successful OKR Change
xs - OKR Job Aid.png
Support Sheet: Guidance for Internal Champions on Leading Successful OKR Change
xs - OKR Tool.png
How to Successfully Conduct OKR Related Meetings
xs - OKR Excel Spreadsheet.png
OKR Templates to Help Write OKRs
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Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Started with OKRs
What Our Clients Say

“Hiring Rick was one of the best decisions I made for both my career as a leader and for Auth0’s company maturity overall. We broke thresholds that year. His intervention was a huge success. I’m very grateful.” 



Eugenio Pace, Founder & CEO of Auth0

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Tell Us About Your Organization

With deep experience in business strategy and execution across a wide variety of industries, company types and sizes, our team of experts has the experience to navigate and facilitate change. From executive leadership to functional teams, our OKR Advisors are here to help you implement OKRs across the full organization.

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