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Are you an experienced management consultant or business coach currently using, or considering using OKRs? OKR Advisors offers a certification program focused on using OKRs to create an agile culture, improve strategic execution and drive exceptional results.  If you’re looking to expand your strategic leadership and consulting skills and create more value for your clients, this is the right program for you.

Become a Certified OKR Consultant

Training So You Can Help Your Clients Successfully Adopt OKRs

How We Partner with Our OKR Consultants

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All consultants are certified through our certification program, including on-the-job training and support

Two Men in Office

We certify only experienced consultants with an average of 20 years of experience

Casual Meeting

Consultants have access to a community of advisors who can help each other out

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We give consultants access to tools and resources to support their career development & client needs

How Our OKR Certification is Different

We believe organizations, their leaders, and teams, realize the most value from their use of OKRs  by working with a strategic advisor who is an expert in the framework and methodology and, more importantly, who can challenge the organization’s status and facilitate the transformation changes that lead to an agile culture and the predictable strategic execution that produces exceptional results.


OKR "coach" certification programs focus on volume, adequately covering the basics of OKRS but barely scratching the surface of the potential impact (and challenges) of using OKRS in practice, leaving program graduates ill-prepared to successfully lead clients through their OKR implementation journey.


Our program is designed to prepare experienced management consultants and executive business coaches to lead executive leaders through a holistic, disciplined approach to using the OKR framework and methodology as part of a larger strategic management system that scales to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Program Components

Our OKR Advisor certification program covers the following components of a successful OKR implementation engagement:

Agile Strategic Execution

Why OKRs *really* matter in today’s business environment

The Anatomy of OKRS

What they are, where they came from, how they function

Company Level OKRs

Working with executive leadership teams to set company level OKRs

Management Level OKRs

Preparing managers to lead OKRs conversations and set good OKRs with their teams


Systems for assessing progress including facilitating mid-cycle check-ins


Conduct end-of-cycle reviews including scoring and capturing key learning


Implementing an Enterprise OKR Program - Best Practices

Strategic Impact

Leading strategic growth with executive teams 

Ready to Become a Certified OKR Advisor?

Get in touch so we can send you detailed course information and our latest schedule

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