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OKR Enablement

Create an OKR-centric enterprise at scale and begin the process of mastering agile strategy execution

Your organization may have already begun the process of implementing OKRs at the senior team level, and/or you may have piloted OKRs within a division or functional area.  Now you would like to scale the effective use of OKRs throughout the organization in order to achieve better alignment, execution, and agility within departments, teams, and to individuals in order to realize your most important strategic priorities.  


Our OKR Enterprise Wide Enablement engagement helps equip your organization to master OKRs at scale, leading to the following outcomes:


  • Greater alignment of work throughout the organization focused on your strategic priorities

  • Continuous improvements to operations at the company, department, and team levels

  • Greater agility and engagement of employees throughout the organization

  • Ongoing mastery of OKRs within the organization through the development of an OKR center of excellence 

  • Achieve data driven decision-making and operations through the mastery of metrics, measures, dashboards, and scorecards

  • Effectively coordinated strategic action across the enterprise for critical focus areas such as: ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy execution; and company performance and portfolio management (mainly for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms).

Our Approach


We engage with selected leadership team members to assess each business unit’s strategic priorities and level of maturity around OKRs and strategy execution.  While our program follows a prescribed framework, we optimize our approach using the information we gather as input in order to maximize output and minimize time to value. 

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We work with selected functional and/or divisional leadership team members to develop an OKR roadmap and Guiding Principles for the expansion of OKRs to departments, teams, and individuals, as well as to design a center of excellence around OKRs and agile strategy execution.


We conduct multiple rapid adoption engagements, facilitating the implementation of OKRs with senior leaders at the division and departmental level by conducting two half-day online workshops with the goals of defining and setting each business unit’s annual and first quarterly cycle OKRs.  Our collaborative workshops are designed to engage your leadership team and foster ownership, buy-in, and alignment as part of this process, thus setting the stage for an effective cascading of OKRs down to teams and departments.

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We conduct six 90-minute certification sessions with champions within each division or functional area during the first quarterly cycle within each business unit.  Champions are super users of OKRs, and help to cascade OKRs within organizational units.  Master OKR Champions are also certified to train and certify other internal Champions if required.


We help customers develop their own center of excellence around OKRs and Agile Strategy Execution™ by providing access to OKR Advisors’ best-in-class self-paced online course content, tools and templates, ongoing coaching for OKR Champions, and access to OKR Advisors’ practitioner community sharing resources and best practices from multiple organizations.  We can also customize content on an as needed and agreed basis to fit the specific needs of each organization.

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We benchmark each business unit on its OKR and Agile Strategy Execution ™ maturity, providing insights and recommendations to continue to advance the organization.

Tell Us About Your Organization

With deep experience in business strategy and execution across a wide variety of industries, company types and sizes, our team of experts has the experience to navigate and facilitate change. From executive leadership to functional teams, our OKR Advisors are here to help you implement OKRs across the full organization.

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