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Master the Use of OKRs

Effect change and accelerate OKR adoption throughout your organization with our coach-led OKR Champion Development Program.

Why Your Organization Needs OKR Champions


Defining and implementing OKRs requires expertise. Getting teams to understand, adopt, and successfully use OKRs? That requires champions. 


OKR champions act like internal OKR superusers and advocates—guiding, coordinating, and inspiring teams to drive impactful results and create a more agile, responsive culture.


You don’t have to imagine what your organization could achieve if every member was clear, aligned, and empowered around the right goals. Becoming an OKR champion will help you realize it.

Program Goals

In Meeting

Build Your Skill Set

Become proficient at OKR setting, writing, reviewing, scoring, training, and more so you can deliver organizational impact while elevating your personal profile.

Giving a Presentation

Lead Organizational Change

Learn how to guide teams through the key decisions and operational changes required to successfully adopt, implement, and productively use OKRs.

Business Brainstorm

Grow Your Internal Practice

Establish and contribute to an OKR community of practice through shared knowledge, tools, resources, and methodology.

Program Structure


OKR champions are essential for the successful implementation and support of OKRs. The OKR Champion Development Program arms you with both the knowledge and coaching you need to take on this critically important role in your organization.

Level 1


Learn how to lead teams to drive meaningful results and create a more agile culture with a virtual two-day training event.

Level 2


Get hands-on support while implementing company-level OKRs over one quarterly cycle with virtual workshops and advisory services. 

Level 3


Successfully expand OKRs throughout your organization (departments, team leaders, and individuals) over three quarterly cycles with virtual workshops and advisory services. 

Ready to Lead Your Company’s Transformation?

Start the journey of becoming an OKR champion by signing up for one of our upcoming certification programs today.

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