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Insights for Leaders of Agile Businesses - April 2021

Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter. Our hope is to make it a meaningful experience, add insights that aren’t already published in traditional OKR writings, and elicit a meaningful conversation.

To that end, this newsletter is not really about OKRs. It is not a “how to” implement OKRs—although we’ve created exceptional content and eLearning related to the mastery of the OKR methodology.

No, this newsletter is about achieving results as an organizational leader, and leading organizational and cultural agility and transformation. As operational leaders ourselves, and now management consultants, we look at OKRs as part of a larger system within an organization. Here are 3 Ways OKRs Are Part Of A Larger Organizational System.

With that said, this first newsletter does focus on OKRs because we feel it is a good place to start when seeking to achieve organizational transformation. To implement OKRs well requires mastery of new leadership skills, a cultural shift, and operational changes—a trifecta—led by OKR Champions at various levels!

We hope you enjoy the insights from our team, and look forward to continuing a meaningful dialogue over time.

See you in the “field”!

Joe, Rick, Laszlo

Co-Founders of OKR Advisors

Why OKR Implementations Need OKR Champions

Implementing OKRs correctly involves a lot of change. The lack of a change leadership approach is one of the most significant reasons OKR initiatives fail, while support from internal OKR Champions is one of the keys to success.

Here are three ways OKR Champions contribute to a successful OKR implementation.

Become a Certified OKR Champion With OKR Advisors

The OKR Advisor Champion Certification Program arms you with the knowledge and training you need to take on this critically important role in your organization.

We had a very active and engaging session in March with our latest cohort of OKR champions, and look forward to your participation in our upcoming virtual two-day training event in May, designed to help you unlock the power of OKRs to transform your teams and organization.

What participants are saying about this event:

“We attempted to implement OKRs ourselves and became overwhelmed with the amount of information and various methods of implementation. Working with OKR Advisors has allowed our company to make a year’s worth of progress in just a few months. They took the time to understand our structure and leadership to tailor the system to our needs.” - Lacey Burnette, Chief of Staff at Heat Makes Sense

OKR Champion Q&A

In this section we'll share some of the most frequent and recent commonly asked questions we get from our clients.

Q: What's the responsibility of a Key Result owner vs. an OKR Champion? A: As shared in our latest blog on OKR Champions, this role is about facilitating the successful rollout and adoption of the methodology in as frictionless a process as possible, spearheading the change in the organization. On the other hand, Key Result owners have a responsibility to look out for the successful accomplishment of the intended key result. Key Result owners do this by assessing the likelihood that the Key Result will be realized, and coordinating the necessary communication and action across the organization for this to happen, even if it means changing the action plan to get there.

Q: What are common criteria for determining how far to cascade down? A: As we support clients in their OKR adoption journey, we look at several factors that can influence the decision to cascade and align OKRs down the organization any number of levels. One factor is the amount of experience the organization already has with OKRs, and the readiness of the leadership team to support the increase in required support. Another important factor is the presence of an OKR Champion or an OKR Champion team (depending on the organization's size) to support the expansion in adoption. The structure and culture of the organization are other factors to take into account.

Going Beyond OKR Methodology To Lead Transformational Change

Defining and implementing OKRs requires expertise. Leading teams to hold the right generative conversations that lead to collective goal achievement and transformation? That requires mastery.

Here’s how to develop it.

OKR Advisors' Partners

At OKR Advisors, we’re proud to work side-by-side with our partners in pursuit of our clients' effective adoption of OKRs to achieve greater results.

Follow us on LinkedIn to receive the latest insights and activity with our partners. Whether a webinar on annual planning methods and best practices, or an open discussion on Clubhouse, we look forward to seeing you there.

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