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Whether you are getting started with OKRs, or have several OKR planning cycles under your belt, our OKR Quick Start program is designed to accelerate the creation of your organization’s OKRs through an immersive and collaborative process that increases confidence and contributes to leadership team alignment prior to broader expansion into the rest of the organization.


One of the most important and foundational steps in the OKR process, our facilitated OKR setting process leads to the following outcomes:

  • Greater clarity in your organization’s strategic intent

  • Greater leadership team alignment around expected organizational outcomes (annual and quarterly)

  • Greater leadership team accountability

  • Understanding of what it takes to successfully adopt OKRs throughout the organization

  • Better understanding of best-in-class OKR management platforms and options available

Our Approach


We engage with selected leadership team members to assess your organization’s strategic priorities and level of maturity around OKRs and strategy execution.  While our program follows a prescribed framework, we optimize our approach using the information we gather as input in order to maximize output and minimize time to value. 


We provide access to best-in-class self-paced online course content by OKR Advisors on how to effectively write and set quality OKRs, so your leadership team is level-set and prepared to maximize productivity during your time with us during workshops.


We facilitate up to two half-day online workshops with the goals of defining and setting your organizational annual and first quarterly cycle OKRs.  Our collaborative workshops are designed to engage your leadership team and foster ownership, buy-in, and alignment as part of this process, thus setting the stage for an effective cascading of OKRs down to teams and departments.


As OKRs are defined and set by your team, we evaluate your readiness for implementation and execution, and provide recommendations to maximize the odds of a successful adoption by the organization.

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With deep experience in business strategy and execution across a wide variety of industries, company types and sizes, our team of experts has the experience to navigate and facilitate change. From executive leadership to functional teams, our OKR Advisors are here to help you implement OKRs across the full organization.

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