Why You Need Champions


OKR Champions are an essential resource for the successful implementation and support of OKRs.  The OKR Advisor's Champion Certification process is designed to prepare champions to support others to successfully use OKRs to achieve your company's goals.  It is customized to work specifically on your company's goals for OKR adoption and use.

Develop Your Own Internal OKR Excellence

A hands-on, coach-led OKR Champion development program that truly enables leaders to effect change and adoption throughout the organization.

Program Goals


Champions are proficient at OKR setting, writing, and reviews, and are able to train others.


Champions are prepared to support the operational change required, and implementation of OKRs throughout the company.


Champions build an internal community of practice with shared knowledge, tools, and methods, providing a valued internal resource for the company.

Program Structure


OKR Champion training is a complete 3-month cycle that includes setting OKRs, team reviews, 1:1 reviews, closing out a cycle, and conducting OKR retrospectives.  The sessions also include the basics of writing and scoring OKRs, as well as background required to support the successful implementation of OKRs throughout the Company. 


The program has a number of important elements:



A certified OKR Advisors Coach takes a cohort of champions through a series of six, 90-minute, online sessions.



A certified OKR Advisor coach supports champions as they apply their training to others within the organization.



A suite of materials are provided that include templates and job aides, which can be customized by champions to support the roll-out of OKRs throughout the company.

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